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The Value of Looking Within©

A highly intelligent, well-meaning friend of mine recently took the position that “George Bush is the one responsible for all of this,” referring to the current condition of the world economy. This friend, an educated attorney, was actually suggesting that there is one person who is the cause, through his deliberate actions, of all of our economic woes. As a devoted friend and client for over 20 years, I honor this man, his feelings and thoughts, but from time to time, I can’t keep my mouth shut.

My friend wasn’t completely off-base. Obviously, for millennia, those who are in power have done unspeakable things as a result of their confusion, distortion, greed, selfishness, hatred and sense of separation from the rest of humanity­. Yet this type of behavior is   precisely what America’s forefathers navigated the perilous waters of the Atlantic to avoid. Unfortunately, they missed an important lesson. They forgot to first look within when facing negativity, trauma and anger. As long as we humans continue to point the finger “our there,” and neglect to do some critical internal spelunking into our own dark corners, we’ll keep on creating the same outer enemies.

Those first settlers who were looking for something unavailable to them in England, were seeking religious freedom. As Calvinist Protestants, they wanted to worship God their own way, and according to one of their religious leaders, John Calvin, the pilgrims found that freedom and much more in the faces and hearts of the indigenous peoples they encountered in the New World.  But instead of learning from those who had been living there for 12,000 years, they killed them by presenting gift baskets of blankets contaminated with smallpox virus, to which the native bodies had no resistance. The settlers then went on to decimate the buffalo herd for hides rather than meat, and to offer a series of so-called treaties supported by never-ending lies. You know the story.

It’s all a part of the human journey. We get it. We lose it. We get it. We lose it. And then we expect one political leader fix it for us, as if he, or anyone else, has the power to fix something within the human psyche that is broken, lost, painful or hidden. Try as we might to blame all of our suffering on another, ultimately we are the source of our own misery. Of course, the mind doesn’t like that Truth one little bit, so spends its entire existence attempting to convince us otherwise. No wonder we continue to believe we are victimized.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t write to our president and legislators to encourage them to listen to their own hearts rather than to the corporate lobbyists whose sole aim is to expand the profits of a privileged few. It also doesn’t mean that we should bury our heads in the political sand hoping this current mess will all go away. Personally, I probably spend more time than most researching, vetting and looking for what resembles the truth when it comes to politics, religion and other touchy topics. It’s not a search for the truth I want to hear, but for the truth that I find through personal experience, if not my own, then the experience of someone who’s done his or her homework at least as thoroughly as I have.  As David Hawkins M.D. reported in his amazing 2002 book, Power vs. Force, 85% of the human population on this planet cannot tell the difference between a lie and the Truth . I capitalize that word because we each have our own truths, but in reality, those truths are simply perceptions, assumptions, opinions and judgments. Thankfully, some of us are slowly learning to distinguish the difference. Sometimes, at least for me and my periodic lack of patience, too slowly. Another perception, by the way.

Our True Power, as I am realizing more and more, is when we connect to something higher and grander, beyond what the mind wants us to believe, rather than accepting as truth beliefs such as, “I don’t matter” or “No one loves me.” Neither is true, not now, not before, not ever. These are beliefs from the dark ages of our youths, still hanging around wreaking havoc in our lives because we’re still giving them an active voice.

And therein lies the challenge for each and every one of us… accepting as the only Truth, the only real Power, that which is personally experienced, not forced or believed, not accepted, not opinion or judgment, not self-righteous assumptions, but pure humility to just be here witnessing this precious game we are in. And, it all happens one person at a time. Is that you today?

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