Exit Strategy | Leaving this Life with Grace and Gratitude

“A tour de force for our time, Exit Strategy: Leaving this Life with Grace and Gratitude, is equally compelling as an antidote to American cultural misgivings about aging and death as it is a model for every caregiver of the elderly and dying.” When Did Exit Strategy Begin?

“From the delightful “Bee-isms” to the profound wisdom spoken by a sage elder, author Kelsey Collins skillfully shares with us the joy of truly knowing another human being in a spiritual and intimate way.” Click here for a few Beeisms.

“On rare occasion, someone writes a book that actually shakes up the status quo in an area. Kelsey Collins has deftly and courageously done just that in “Exit Strategy.”

Having finished Exit Strategy I urge everyone to read it!
Warm, informative, entertaining and just good common, caring sense are just a few adjectives to describe Kelsey’s wonderful tribute to all of life and to dear Bee. 
What’s your Exit Strategy?” – Susan Nobles

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